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Birth Story FAQ

Birth photography tells the story of how you brought your baby into the world from labor to delivery. As a birth photographer, my goal is to capture the small details, intimate moments and eagerly anticipated arrival of your baby. Having a photographer at your birth allows you to truly be in the moment, knowing that all the details are being recorded for you to look back on once baby arrives. 

I've provided answers below to some questions you might have surrounding birth photography: 

Savannah Birth Photographer
When should I hire you as my birth photographer?

Most expecting moms hire a birth photographer late in their first trimester or early in their second trimester.


Due to the limited number of births I take on each month, booking as early as possible ensures your spot. 

What does your availability look like in the weeks leading up to my birth story?

I am on-call for your birth two weeks before and after your due date.


Once you go into labor, please give me a phone call and I'll meet you in your home, at the hospital or birth center once you're 5 cm dilated. I will be with you at that point until one hour after baby arrives. 

Savannah Birth Photographer
Savannah Birth Photographer
Why did you become a birth photographer?

From a very young age, I wanted to be "baby delivery" doctor, but as I got older, I found my strengths were in the arts rather than in the sciences. I decided to go to the Savannah College of Art & Design to study photography and visual communications.


After college, I decided to make my focus birth and motherhood because of the incredible and intimate nature of labor and delivery. Once I photographed my first birth, I was hooked; I knew this was the avenue for me to connect with my clients and share the beauty and strength of motherhood. 

Can you take photos right after my baby is born instead?

Absolutely! These sessions are considered Fresh 48 sessions. I'll meet you at the hospital, birth center or in your home within the first two days of baby being born.


Your immediate family is welcome to be at the session. This session takes place during daylight hours. 

Savannah Birth Photographer
Savannah Birth Photographer
A birth story sounds like the right fit for me and my family, but I have some more questions. Can I meet with you?

Yes! I'd love to meet you for tea or frozen yogurt and learn more about your pregnancy and your birth plan. Please contact me and we can meet in person. 

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